A designated training supervisor will take charge of your training account, working with you to identify the requirements and generate course content to meet your company’s specific learning objectives. The programme may be a completely bespoke course or an amalgamation of existing relevant qualifications to provide the right mix of certification. Some examples of recent courses are below

Custom Solar PV Course for a Renewables Company

Our customer, an Australian company wanted to train their staff in solar PV installation. Whilst much of the course content from the BPEC qualification was relevant we tailored it to their specific needs, removing elements that did not apply in their home market. They needed trainees to cover health & safety and working at height training. We were able to put all of this into a 5 day course run in our Gatwick centre utilising our one of a kind training roof and facilities. 

Electrical Awareness Course for a Major Retailer

The retailer wanted their staff to have a better understanding of the types of products they sell, how they would be used and also what products could be recommended to complement these. We provided their staff with some basic hands on electrical training to give them the understanding they needed and coupled this with discussion and presentation of products from their catalogue and real world examples of how they would be used.

Bespoke Minor Works for Facilities Staff

Our client, a major estate manager for a wide range of residential accommodation, recognised that their staff were already completing minor fixes and like for like replacements. We provided them with a bespoke course covering the key topics they requested to ensure they were safe in the activities they carried out, were able to safely isolate before carrying out required repairs and also very clear on what they should and should not be attempting to fix.